Caren-Imme von Stemm -


Academic studies: 12 semester „Art“, College of Higher Education for Art and Design,  in Hanover
– 1988 degree (diploma)

  • Since 1992 academic illustrator at the Anatomic Institute of the Verterinary University/ College of Hannover, the biggest faculty of the world for Animal Health

  • Occupational areas are:
    - Artwork for books
    - Habilitation treatises
    - Drawings for publications
    - Creation of posters for foreign anatomical conventions
    - Appointments for professors and faculties from Chile, Portugal, Egypt, Poland, Malaysia, Singapur
    - appointments for some other institutes of the Hanover Veterinary College, for example Institute for
      wild animal sciene, parasitology, history, pathology, animal feeding, hospital for horses.


Educational work:

  • 1990 semester 1 „To figure the world of animals graphically“

  • 1990 semester 2 „Learning how to draw from the start“

  • School of Art, Neustadt am Ruebenberge

  • Figure drawing course at Wilhelm-Raabe-School Hanover

  • Figure drawing course Adult education center Hanover

  • Private educational work



  • 1975 Drawings at the House of Youth, Hanover

  • 1987 Vereins- und Westbank, Hanover

  • 1989 Youth culture, foyer for young drawing, Hanover

  • 1990 Collaborative exhibition with other painters, several paintings, Vereins- und Westbank, Hanover

  • 1989 broadcasting centre Lower Saxony, NDR Hanover, „Animal turbulences“,
            – 50 paintings (Laudatio Prof. Jaklau)

  • 1989 Educational institution „Kirchroeder Turm“, Hanover

  • 1995 Institute for Pathology of the Veterinary College Hanover

  • 1995 „Exhibition of angels”, St. Johannis-Church, Goettingen

  • 2007 Institute of history of the Veterinary College, Hanover

  • 2007 Gallery CHOCO.L.ART, Hanover

  • Actually: Exhibition at the hotel „TOROS“, Mardorf, topic: „Spanic flair“


Several works by order:

  • Production of portraits of human and animals

  • Paint of five lifesized hors sculptures for big exhibition „Equitania“ in Essen

  • Production of presentation boards for exhibition „Equitania”, Esen

  • Illustration for books

Educational journeys to Denmark, Norway, Italy and Portugal

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